GICS can either retrofit your existing facility or construct from the ground up. Our team of professional tradesmen all have years of experience in cannabis related construction. We offer experienced and seasoned professionals that understand what it takes to meet the requirements of different city ordinances and building codes.

GICS can transform your existing or new space into an advanced cultivation facility, state of the art extraction lab, ISO certified testing facility, and welcoming dispensary location. 

Whether you are incorporating your own design plans or you utilize GICS for phase 1, we employ your vision as the building blocks in creating your facility. The following provides a general overview of the construction process, from the conceptual stage through the bidding, building, and post construction completion. Although there may be certain facts and circumstances in specific geographic locales that vary from what is presented here, the basic construction concepts are similar. Our construction process is designed with high efficiency and automation in focus to lower your upkeep and operating costs. We make it our job to stay on top of your industry to provide our clients with the competitive edge they need to stay ahead of their market. 

In this specialty industry you need a specialized Contractor. GICS only focuses it efforts on the cannabis industry therefor our clients reap the benefits of our niche knowledge set and assistance in navigating an ever-changing landscape. The Midwest is the Nation’s leading agricultural region putting it at the epicenter of cutting edge Horticulture technology procedures and processes.



  • Onsite daily GICS Superintenant supervising trades and construction progress

  • Project Managers & Superintenants have both design grow and build experience

  • Green zoned municipal areas in the Midwest leverage your good working relationships with

  • Hold weekly construction meetings

  • Can offer 24/7 visual monitoring to be accessed from anywhere in the world as we understand that not every project is in your backyard